This Instagram star just posted the perfect response to body shamers who said her butt was “too big for shorts”

We’ve got to stop this body-shaming nonsense, guys. Take a look at this photo:

This is Kerri Verna, a popular Instagram fitness guru who goes by @beachyogagirl and has over 900,000 followers. Kerri is a huge force for yoga and healthy body image; her Insta feed typically features videos of yoga poses along with inspirational photos of herself and others. She seems like the last woman in the world who would have self-confidence issues, but the truth is, our body-shaming culture is so enormous that even she is not immune.

According to Seventeen, Kerri’s confidence was shaken recently when a comment on her account suggested that she should stop wearing white shorts because they make her butt look big. Embarrassed by the criticism, Kerri quickly took down recent photos in shorts. Then, having slept on it, she decided to fight back.  

Kerri explained that while she was initially pushed into feeling shame over the photos, she soon realized that the comments were nothing but bile from an Internet troll out to make her feel bad. She posted the above picture with a fiery proclamation of self love, adding that “women of ALL SIZES need to LOVE their bodies and wear white shorts if you want to!”

Kerri is right. Kerri is wonderful. If Kerri were twenty sizes larger, she would still be right and wonderful. Hopefully, the next time her troll wants to body-shame a woman, they’ll take a hard look at themselves and figure out it’s not up to them to police standards of beauty, body, or clothing.

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