Could this Instagram post mean John Mayer finally is making new music??!!

More than ever before, all we need is love. John Mayer must have tapped into the American conscious, because he posted on Instagram an image that simply says, “Love on the Weekend.” We don’t know if that’s a new single or some other kind of promise, but the image bears the date 11.17, which is exactly one week from today. It’s already an auspicious date, as it’s Rachel McAdam’s, RuPaul’s, Rock Hudson’s (RIP), Lorne Michaels’s, Jeff Buckley’s, Martin Scorsese’s and my dad’s birthday.

Now we might be blessed with a new Mayer tune on one of our favorite days in November?? The excitement is almost too much!

Mayer teased a guitar sample that we can’t stop listening to. You can kind of hear his vocals under there, too.

Mayer hasn’t released new music since 2014’s acoustic cover of Beyonce’s XO. But his drummer Steve Jordan revealed to Entertainment Tonight in October that his next album will be called The Search for Everything.

Since releasing his last studio album Paradise Valley in 2013, Mayer has been touring and playing lead guitar with Dead & Company, the band featuring Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann. We love that Mayer is always involved in something, musically-speaking, but we wish he’d just focus on making his own music. You know, for our sakes.