The internet is going gaga over this Instagram post from Beyoncé’s mom

The biggest question on the internet today is whether or not Beyoncé gave birth to her twins. Reports have been circulating that they were delivered some time last week in Los Angeles, and everyone collectively celebrated the arrival of Queen Bey and Jay Z’s offspring. But Beyoncé’s mom just raised questions about the twins’ real birthday, and now everyone’s questioning if they’ve even been born yet. Basically, nothing makes sense.

Beyoncé’s dad, Mathew Knowles, started the rumor train.

On Sunday, he posted a “Happy Birthday” message to the twins on Instagram, and it was shared by news outlets everywhere. Because duh, Beyoncé.

He wrote, “They’re here! #beyonce #jayz #twins #birthday #happybirthday

Okay, so it seemed like a legit birth announcement (albeit probably not the one Bey and Jay preferred), since it’s probably safe to assume that a dad would know when his daughter gave birth. But either he jumped the gun and the twins haven’t yet arrived, or Bey’s mom is totally trying to throw us off.

Tina Knowles posted this cryptic message to Instagram on Sunday:

“In New York for my friends son’s wedding,” she wrote. “❤️❤️God lets things happen in his time not ours! Dont try to rush him!”

We’re pretty sure Bey’s mom wouldn’t miss the birth of her grandchildren for a wedding. And as far as “Don’t try to rush him,” is she talking directly to her ex-husband? Like, did he think by posting the birth announcement, it would make the twins show up faster? Or is Tina just trying to pretend like they haven’t been born yet so her daughter and son-in-law can make the announcement on their own time (which we totally get)?

Either way, we hope everything is okay with Beyoncé and the twins — whether they’ve made their grand entrance or not.

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