This guy’s Instagram merges pop culture with real life, all using an iPhone

Remember those two BFFs / fangirls who traveled thousands of miles to iconic locations holding up pictures of their fave characters from their fave shows? How about the teen who snuck onto the abandoned Orange Is The New Black set to do the same thing? Well, one guy has devoted his entire Instagram to using his iPhone to merge pop culture and real life together (without breaking the law), and it’s seriously a sight to behold.

French photographer François Dourlen superimposes characters from film and television IRL, but instead of finding the exact location where the scene was filmed, he gets creative — and the results are not only adorable, but often hilarious. The 31-year-old is a history teacher in Cherbourg, France by day, but a fabulous photographer by night — after all, he has over 47,000 followers on his Instagram page and over 36,000 likes on his Facebook page.

TBH, we would totally get Edward Scissorhands to do our kitchen chores, too:

And to hang out with Chris Pratt and a raptor? That would be amazing.

He also enjoys a good cup of wine with Tyrion Lannister:

But here’s where he gets really creative: François often uses animated characters for his superimposing, which often gives a magic-realism vibe to his work all while making us giggle.

Imagine how much more exciting bumper cars would be if they were transformed into MarioKart?! (Hello, Rainbow Road.)

And if Minions existed IRL, they’d probably be hitting on their bae all day long:

Patrick Star DOES exist, and has got recognition for his talents on screen:

Get ready to swoon:

Great Scott, Doc is in our living room!!

We totally love this project, and it makes the fangirls in us wish these icons of pop culture actually existed IRL. Honestly, I can’t get over the idea of MarioKart bumper cars. SCIENCE, MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

If you want to see more of François’s work, check out his Instagram or like his Facebook page.

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