Instagram’s new makeover is SO chic

“They grow up so fast” is a phrase we may soon start using when discussing all things technology – especially after Instagram’s latest update is fully unleashed on the world. Essentially, the social media platform is undergoing what we like to call a “minimalism makeover.”

Rather than displaying a semi-colorful interface, Instagram is taking a different, chicer approach. The icons at the bottom of the page are noticeably different. Gone are the orange notifications that would pop up every time someone liked one of your snapshots. Instead, understated red is now the go-to hue for such alerts. As for the blue font that’s now synonymous with Instagram, it’s being replaced by a black lettering. That’s right – Instagram is going black-and-white.

Several users have been given the opportunity to test out this Insta-based transformation and, as you can imagine, they have the screenshots to prove it. “We often test new experiences with a small percentage of the global community,” an Instagram representative told The Verge. “This is a design test only.”

Considering that Instagram has slowly changed over the years, this is a welcome development. Just this past February, Instagram finally allowed users to post 60-second videos and added the “views count” feature. Plus, it’s only been a few weeks since they started posting the actual date alongside photos. So yeah, we’re pretty excited for any upgrade Instagram wants to bestow upon us.

In the end, just imagine how amazing our artsy pics will look amidst a minimalistic, elegant display. It will essentially be like managing our very own, virtual art museum.

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