Instagram’s newest feature is like a Facebook photo gallery and Tinder hybrid

Instagram is constantly stepping up their game and stepping into new functionalities, and the newest Instagram update is no exception. Most recently we were introduced to Instagram stories, which gave Instagram the ability to function sort of like Snapchat. We, y’know, like anybody else are always into new ways to politely peak into people’s lives and share the highlights from ours, so we’re pretty pumped about the upcoming Insta update that will add a Facebook-like component to Instagram. Apparently, the next version of the app will include the ability to share photo albums, which also sort of remind us of Tinder, ’cause you swipe ’em to see them.

No more will you have to rely on #tbts and #fbf to share the pics you held off on posting en masse

The update will allow you to share all your dank travel photos at once without inundating your friends’ feed.

The new feature will show up as an option called “gallery” which will enable you to dump all of your photos into one handy place people can scroll through conveniently.

We’re not sure when the new update would roll out, and we still have a lot of questions about how it’ll be implemented. What will indicate that a photo someone shared is a gallery instead of just a single photo? And will people be able to like individual photos, or just the gallery? WE HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Still, we’re excited about a feature that could streamline the process of sharing multiple pictures from the same event, and we hope to see it soon!

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