Instagram’s new Superzoom feature is going to be a super-distraction

Whenever Instagram unveils a new feature, we quickly forget what life was like before it. (What did we do with our spare time before Insta Stories? Exactly.)Well, Instagram’s new Superzoom feature is another game-changer.

So, what is Superzoom?

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like! Per the press release, Superzoom is a tool that lets you zoom in on a single object while theatrical music plays in the background. *Cue hours of laughter* The Verge likened it to “a close cousin of the Boomerang,” so it’s bound to become addictive.

Indeed, just like Boomerang, the Superzoom option is built right into the app. It will be available when you open the Stories camera, once you get the update. As if we needed another excuse to spend hours upon hours on Instagram instead of, say, doing our laundry or finally opening a 401(k).


The Superzoom feature takes its name from a real kind of camera. According to Wirecutter,  “A single superzoom camera can capture a sweeping mountainous landscape and also zoom in on a single bird perched atop a tree thousands of feet away.” It seems like Instagram really did their research on this one.

This new update also includes some legitimately terrifying Halloween face filters and stickers.


These will appeal to anyone who totally forgot to plan a costume (guilty). And, since Halloween is a Tuesday this year, you can stay home and play with Instagram instead of drinking on a work night, while still getting into the mood. The spooky filters and stickers are available now through November 1st.

Prepare to see Superzooms and eerie vampires blowing up your feed in the coming weeks!

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