Instagram’s new feature sounds like a lot to handle

It seems like Instagram introduces a new feature every week — and this week is no exception. Instagram just added a video chat with friends, and it sounds fun, but also a little overwhelming. The feature allows you to invite a friend to join in on your live chat, you know, just in case you run out of things to say or feel intimidated about having an audience.

We’ve all been there.

Adding a friend to your live chat is easy: Simply tap the new smiley face icon on the bottom right and select a friend to add. Your screen will then enter a vertical split-screen mode, with the original creator of the video on top and the guest on the bottom. All the other live Instagram features remain the same, including hearts, comments, and the option to save it to your story when you’re done.

Instagram revealed the new feature in a blog post, and pitched it as a fun thing for teens to use with their friends.

“Now, you can hang out and go live together, whether you’re just doing homework or catching up on your day,” the blog post reads.

A split-screen of Instagram live with a friend.

It seems like a fun way to connect with your followers, but might also be a lot to handle if friends start inviting you to their live chats when all you wanted was to quickly tune in and go about your day.

The new feature is currently being tested with only a small number of users, so if it doesn’t show up for you, don’t worry. It’ll be introduced globally in the next few months. In the meantime, you’ll just need to livestream the old-fashioned way.

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