Instagram finally added a “mute” button for posts, and it’s a freaking game changer

Twitter has a mute button, and Facebook lets you “snooze” certain accounts, but Instagram has no covert way of stopping your old roommate’s never-ending brunch pics from popping up on your feed. Until now. It seems that our prayers have finally been answered, because Instagram is rolling out a mute button feature. Huzzah!

Today, May 22nd, the company announced the new mute option on their official blog, stating that it will be rolled out to users in the next few weeks. Muting someone’s account won’t mean you unfollow or block them (which is a recipe for awkwardness). Instead, you’ll still be able to look at their profile and view their comments on your posts, but you won’t see their photos unless you actively seek them out. The company wrote that the change is designed to improve user experience.

"We're aiming to make feed the best place to share and connect with the people and interests you care about," the blog post read.

We’ve been able to mute Instagram stories for a while, but this new change finally allows us to avoid the hurt feelings unfollowing someone might cause. Apart from rumors that Instagram might finally be returning to a chronological timeline, this is the most exciting update we’ve heard about in a while.

Rumors of the update began circulating on May 12th when developer Jane Manchun Wong teased the mute feature.

To take advantage of the feature, you’ll just need to click on the “…” icon by another user’s handle and select “Mute Posts” from the drop down menu. You’ll also be able to do it by going to someone’s profile directly (and it’s completely reversible).

We might have to wait a few weeks before we can mute posts, but we’re already fantasizing about clutter-free our feeds will be. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any further news about this update.

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