FINALLY: Instagram is testing out multi-account switching

Services like Twitter and Tumblr have long made it simple for users to keep multiple accounts under one lock and key, but now Instagram is jumping on the bandwagon.

This week, it was revealed that the image- and video-sharing site is currently beta testing multi-account switching. It’s a great feature for people who maintain their company’s Instagram as well as their own personal account or for those who keep an account for themselves and another for a particularly cute pet.

There’s one caveat, though: The new feature is only available for Android users at the moment and to get the update, they need to head to the webpage for Instagram’s beta program and request an invite. After reinstalling the app and making sure you’re running version 7.12.0 of the app, simply head to the very bottom of the settings page within Instagram and with a few clicks, you’ll be able to add another account and just as easily switch between them!

The move appears to be part of a larger push by Instagram to create proprietary versions of the features users so desperately want in order to cut out middleman, third-party apps. For instance,  the company launched the Layout app earlier this year, allowing users to cobble together their own photo collages without using middleman apps.

While there’s still no word on whether the beta testing will reach iOS users or whether it will become a permanent feature, we really hope Instagram follows through on this one.

What do you think Instagram’s next new feature should be?

(Image via Shutterstock.)

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