Instagram has officially announced the most-followed celebs of 2017

You probably spend an absurd amount of time living vicariously through your favorite celebrities and influencers on Instagram. That’s kinda the point, right? And if you need some new timeline fodder, Instagram just revealed its most-followed celebrities of 2017.

In the age of beauty influencers and #sponcon, Instagram content can get stale. Don’t get us wrong, we love wasting untold hours scrolling through the app, but it’s always fun to find new Instagram accounts with a fresh approach. Allow this list to inspire you to freshen up your feed. Because even if you’re not the biggest Selena Gomez stan, you can still appreciate that the woman knows her way around an Insta-grid, right?

Without further ado, we present the top ten most popular celebrity Instagrammers of 2017 (and why you should be following them).

1Selena Gomez

Gomez tops the list at 130 million followers (I know, our jaws dropped too). She posts plenty of music video sneak peeks and the like, but she also has some gorgeous photography on her account — often courtesy of It-photographer Petra Collins.

2Ariana Grande

At 115 million followers, Grande isn’t too far behind Gomez. She also plugs her projects often and employs heavy use of Instagram’s animal face filters. Her photos also happen to be major #hairgoals.

3Cristiano Ronaldo

Come for, well, Cristiano Ronaldo, stay for the adorable kids. Ronaldo comes in close third behind Grande, according to Instagram’s data, with roughly the same amount of followers.


Do we really need to convince you to follow Queen Bey? With 108 million followers (and counting), plus the most-liked Instagram of the year, she clearly doesn’t need our help. Still, we’d be remiss not to mention that her posts serve as incredible outfit — and life — inspo.

5Kim Kardashian West

We were honestly a little shocked that ole Kim K isn’t higher up on this list. But while she is one of the most-talked about women in America, she’s also polarizing. If you’re a fan, you’re probably already following her — and keeping an eye out for what’s next from her KKW Beauty brand.

6Taylor Swift

While T-Swift may have had a rough year, her fans haven’t abandoned her — she still has 104 million Instagram followers. Her grid is mostly comprised of promotional materials for her latest album, Reputation. There are also some behind-the-scenes videos that hardcore fans wouldn’t want to miss.

7Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is divisive, much like her half-sister Kim K. If you love her, you’re probably among the 99.5 million who already follow her. If you’re not a fan, you’re probably not that interested in her ‘grams. Her account is most noteworthy for the number of selfies she posts (in addition to updates about her ever-popular makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics. Lip Kits, anyone?).

8Dwayne Johnson

What can we say about The Rock? He just has great energy, and it comes through in his hilarious and heartfelt posts.

9Justin Bieber

Bieber shows off his goofy personality and his absurd abs on his Instagram. He’s a prime example of how social media allows us see the human side of our favorite celebrities. Bieber may be one of the biggest pop icons of all time, but he’s also downright silly sometimes!

10Kendall Jenner

Last but not least! Kendall Jenner might be at the bottom of the top ten, but don’t cry for her yet. She has a whopping 85 million followers. Her feed mostly consists of images that scream, “I’m a model, have you heard?”

There you have it — the most-followed celebrities on Instagram! Maybe you’ll use it as fodder for your next following spree, or maybe you’ll completely avoid these accounts because you like going against the grain. “Go your own way,” as they (okay, maybe just the members of Fleetwood Mac) say.

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