Instagram may be changing how your grid looks, and users are not having it

Something fishy is happening to users’ Instagram grids. Rather than the standard three-photos-per-row grid structure, some users have noticed that their profile is now displaying four photos per row. By the looks of it, Instagram is testing a new grid layout on select profiles — but most of those profile owners are not pleased.

Instagram users have taken to Twitter to express their qualms with the new setup. Most of those tweeting have been using the three-photo-per-row grid to enhance their personal brand or business by blocking out larger photos and tailoring individual pics to fit within their existing grid.

Numerous articles have been written, and apps have even been released, focusing on how Instagram users can use the three-photo grid to better market themselves or their businesses. Some grid-related tips include keeping individual photos within the same color scheme or posting related photos three at a time to make the overall grid more readable.

With an extra photo attached to each row, those who like to follow the “grid rules” will have their existing tailored grids thrown off and might struggle to adapt.

Plus, a lot of people simply don’t like change — which is also very valid.


As Refinery29 reports, the photo sharing app has tested out new features on select accounts before. For example, the recent addition, Slideshow, was tested on random users’ accounts before being released to the public.

So perhaps if enough people speak up about Instagram’s latest test, the company will reconsider their possible update. Most seem to agree that if the app isn’t broken, don’t fix it, Instagram.

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