Instagram just got a major makeover

Instagram has added a ton of new features that are about to change your ‘gramming game for the better. As an Instagram addict myself, I’m always excited to see what new stuff the app is coming out with, but this update is pretty big, and makes some pretty hefty improvements.

For the most part, it’s to do with their “search” and “explore” features which, up until now, have been doing the bare minimum compared to what they’re actually capable of. For instance, gone are the days of searching a hashtag and having to scroll through tons of pictures that maybe aren’t so great or don’t have what you’re looking for, just because they were the ones taken most recently. This new update splits the search two ways: most recent and top posts, so when you search #cats, which I hope you do every day, you won’t just get the most recent felines, but the most liked and commented cat pics as well.

Then there’s Explore. Before this update, the Explore page recommended pictures based on what you and your friends have been liking. Now, they’ve added Trending Tags and Trending Places, so you can see what’s up and check in on the festival you weren’t able to make, or even other peoples photos of the crazy Taylor Swift concert that you’re at.

But lastly what’s awesome is you can now just search for places by their geo-tags. Like, if you’re not sure what to order at this new restaurant, just see what other people have ‘grammed there, and you can gobble up whatever looks good IRL. Hashbrown no filter.

All in all: Instagram has become even more user friendly, and is expanding from just being a place to post photos, to a community in itself, where you can get lost in a world of pictures and places without ever leaving your bed. That’s my kind of vacation.

(Images via here and here.)

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