Instagram wants everyone to see your live conversations with your bestie with this new feature

Just when you think Instagram has become the best version of itself, the app went and created a new feature you’re about to be obsessed with. With Instagram’s latest update, you can “go live” with another person — as in, someone else, somewhere else, who has their phone on them too. You and your bestie have always said your conversations were funny and/or insightful enough to make you famous, right? Well, Instagram just gave you the platform to test it — literally.

The new Instagram Live feature works by allowing a user to join in someone else’s live stream.

You can’t just barge into anyone’s live video, though. When someone goes live on Instagram, you can already tune in, comment, leave stickers, etc. But with the new update, users will also have the option to join the stream.

If your BFF goes live, and you want to join in the fun, you just go to their video and look in the comments section for the new “request” button. Your bestie will get an alert that you want to join in the video, and they’ll be able to accept or reject it. Don’t worry — if your pal would prefer to stay solo, no one can see that they’ve rejected your request.

Assuming they do accept your request to join, that’s when the Instagram Live fun begins.

It will probably take a few moments to load, but once it does, you’ve joined their stream! Anyone who was watching your pal will now be able to see you too. Instagram will show a split-screen feature, where viewers can watch both of you at once. You’ll be able to hang out with your bud like you’re video chatting, but now, with the audience of your dreams. You’ll also be able to see how many people are watching, who comments on it, etc.

It seems really easy to use! And for the widest possible audience, maybe the BFF with more followers should start the livestream? Just a thought.

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