Instagram is trying to make it easier to shop from their app with this new feature

In their latest move towards becoming even more seamless and user-friendly, Instagram has a new shopping feature in the works. YAAAAS! The new update Instagram is testing will make it so that brands can tag links directly to product profiles in their posts. Who doesn’t want to buy all the pretty things these brands share on the daily on Instagram? We know we do. With this new update, Instagram users can also click on outside links to purchase products. It makes sense that the social media app is finally letting brands add product details to their posts. All we can say is there goes our paycheck money!

So the next time you see a Target post with a girl in a cute dress, Target can tag the dress in the post and you can directly click on the tag to buy the dress! In the same way that you tap on tagged photos, you’ll be able to open a detailed view of the item you’re coveting. You can also swipe to see other products that are tagged in that same post.

To make things easier, the user can click “Shop Now” in the product details to purchase the item, according to Women’s Wear Daily. It will then take you directly to the brand’s website. Luckily, no credit card information is required to follow the link for those wanting to use the feature to window shop.

A total of twenty brands will be testing out the new feature, including — but not limited to — Kate Spade, Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy’s, Lulus, Levi’s Brand, Baublebar, Coach, Hollister, J. Crew and Warby Parker.

Once a feature is running, you’ll be able to click on any of the pieces you like and directly purchase them.

However, brands will only be able to tag up to five products, WWD reports. So we can’t buy all the things in a post just yet.

If it’s successful, this new feature could boost the sales of brands while increasing their incentive to use Instagram.

While it conceptually sounds like it would make your feed look more busy, the tags will only show up if you’re following the brands.

In the very near (but TBD) future, we could be doing the bulk of our shopping through Instagram. The future is here, y’all!

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