Just so you know, Instagram husbands are a thing

Sometimes, taking a selfie doesn’t feel quite right. Sometimes, you’re wearing a beautiful, bold outfit and you want the lens to capture every inch of its fabric awesomeness. Sometimes you want to pose with your best friend. Sometimes you just want someone to take a picture of you for Instagram JUST BECAUSE — and that’s where Instagram husbands come in.

Uploaded to YouTube two days ago by the very funny, award-winning comedy channel The Mystery Hour, the video “Instagram Husband” has struck a chord with over 1.8 million viewers and counting. What’s an Instagram husband exactly? A guy whose sole purpose in life has been reduced to taking photos of his significant other for her Instagram. In the mock documentary, a tired-looking bloke breaks fourth wall and says, “Behind every cute girl on Instagram…is a guy like me.”

The video urges this collection of weary men — men dangling from stairs in order to capture the perfect angle, and men standing very still while their lady love runs by for an action shot — to come together and support one another’s Insta woes. “If you or someone you know is an Instagram husband, help is out there. Go to InstagramHusband.com and see how millions of them found hope,” the video says soothingly.

Best of all, InstagramHusband.com is a real, real thing. You can scroll through testimony after testimony of Instagram husbands.

Obviously, dudes aren’t the only ones helping their SOs take the perfect pic for Insta (as a person who has taken countless pics of MY husband, I know this to be true). And obviously, gals aren’t the only ones being kind of difficult about the whole thing (c’mon, gender stereotypes are never fun). But the whole phenomenon is pretty funny, and speaks volumes about the lengths we go to get the perfect Instagram shot.

Check out the plight of Instagram husbands right here:

(Images via YouTube)