Instagram is starting to roll out a “follows you” section, and FINALLY

It’s a problem we all have, whether we admit it or not: Stalking someone on Instagram and then trying to figure out if they follow us back. Whether it’s a Tinder match, new crush, or soon-to-be BFF, it’s way harder than necessary to see if the person in question likes us enough to hit the “follow” button. But now, with Instagram’s latest update, seeing how our cyber crush feels is easier than ever, thanks to the new “follows you” feature the app has rolled out for Android users. But don’t worry Apple users, your update is probably coming, too.

The update, which we’re guessing will be available for iPhone users with the next iOS update, is exactly what it sounds like.

When you open someone’s profile, check under their bio, above where you see “followed by,” to now see “follows you” if that person follows you. While we could always go to the Followers section on our profile and search by username, this is much more direct and with way higher stakes. Nothing screams transparency more than people being able to see if we follow them.

While most users on the internet are excited about this new feature, we do have to admit this could also mean trouble for anyone faux following someone (aka, stalking and liking pictures on occasion, without the commitment of a real follow). As for all those followers you haven’t followed back? Let’s just hope those people don’t notice the new feature. Either way, the pros definitely outweigh the cons with this.

Now can we have chronological posts back, please, Instagram?

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