Instagram finally gave us the feature we’ve been waiting for this entire time

The world did a collective fist pump when Instagram added the Story feature to their platform. It was an especially thrilling addition for the Insta users who weren’t really active on Snapchat. It’s so popular now that we can hardly remember a time when Instagram existed without it. You might be happy to know that there’s yet another feature coming to the forefront, this time borrowed from Facebook: You can now “like” other people’s comments on Instagram pictures.

Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, wrote in a blog post that allowing people to “like” someone’s comments allows us to “show support and encourages positivity throughout the community.” Sounds good to us, because we must admit, liking other people’s comments is pretty much the only thing we do on Facebook.

This feature should be available already on your phone, so make sure your Instagram app is updated. When you’re viewing the comment thread, you should see little hearts on the right of every comment.


Blink and you miss those tiny little hearts! There’s no “like” button like you would see on Facebook, but all you have to do is tap the heart, and it performs the same job.


Too easy. As you can see, after I clicked the heart, underneath the comment you can see that there is now “1 like” for that particular comment. So go ahead, take off on a liking spree.

We wonder how soon it will be until Instagram allows to actually comment on other comments. That’ll unlock a whole new world.

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