This gorgeous Instagram feed turns toast into works of art, and we are both hungry *and* amazed

A food stylist from Miami created an Instagram feed for toast – and it’s almost too pretty to eat.

Adeline Waugh, 26, sent the internet into a frenzy after uploading a photo of pastel-colored toast with the tag #ToastTheRainbow. Fans of her feed immediately took to calling it Unicorn Toast, and we think it’s worthy of the name.

Waugh uses only all-natural ingredients to color her toast, Cosmopolitan reports. Freeze-dried blueberries, beet juice, and tumeric route give the cream cheese its dreamy pastel colors, but don’t alter the taste.

“It looks pretty, but it just tastes like a piece of toast with cream cheese,” Waugh told Cosmopolitan.

It’s normal to spend 20 minutes creating a collage of toast photos, right? @cosmopolitan did a story on me and my work as a food stylist & photographer + all the info on colorful unicorn toast! Check it out: link in bio 🎉 #toasttherainbow #toast #abmlifeiscolorful #acolorstory

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In just one year, Waugh turned her gorgeous and colorful feed into a career.

"After endless practice and really honing in on my own aesthetic, companies started reaching out to me to style, photograph, and create for them," she told Cosmo.

Bowls on bowls on bowls 💯

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Waugh's feed features a lot more than toast: You'll also find salads, smoothies, and plates of colorful fruits and veggies.

The feed proves that healthy food CAN be beautiful.

This feed proves that healthy food CAN be beautiful.