This Instagram famous puppy is so trendy in all the ways

On the list of things we want in life, a precious puppy of our very own pretty much tops the list. As a result, we spend way too much time scrolling through totally adorable animal Instagrams. So when we came across @ps.ny, the home of both amazing vegan food adventures AND a gorgeous Instagram famous puppy, we knew we’d found an account we could spend way, way too much scrolling through.

Nothing is cuter than a trendy puppy, and this one is such a beauty! We heart this teensy creature, and we think you’re gonna love him, too.

Meet Cookie, the most ADORABLE Instagram famous puppy we’ve ever come across.

Seriously, talk about puppy goals. Our hearts are bursting!

Cookie is always on trend, whether we’re talking food or fashion. Just look at that little face!

This precious pooch knows how to pose just right for every single shot.

Even when he naps, he naps in style. We dig it.

And he has such a beautiful smile! Oh Cookie, we love you so.

He’s an excellent chef…

…and he’s always down for a fancy meal!

He’s giving, and loves to share, making him our dream dog.

And boy does Cookie ever look ~fly AF~ in glasses!

Happy scrolling!