Instagram deleted this trainer’s cellulite photo, and we love how she responded

Online fitness coach and Instagram fitness guru Mallory King has one of the most beautiful, body-positive accounts on the web. Her feed is jam-packed with inspirational messages, encouraging women to love their bodies and remember that confidence is so much more than just a number on the scale. She often posts before-and-after pics documenting her incredible 100-pound weight loss and isn’t afraid to slip into a bikini or gym clothes to show off her progress.

But of course, a certain Instagram troll did what Instagram trolls do, and left a particularly nasty comment criticizing King’s cellulite (because nobody has cellulite, right?!).

And after clapping back with an epic response showing off her gorgeous bod and a raised middle finger aimed at the hater, Instagram removed her photo.

But fortunately for us, an eagle-eyed Instagram user captured a screengrab of King’s now-removed post, in which king writes: “For that guy who made a negative comment about my cellulite yesterday. There are so many worse things in life than cellulite, like your shitty attitude.”

"Let people do whatever the fuck they want and look however they please and post whatever makes them happy," she continued. "Find a hobby and worry about ya damn self."


Now, we can maybe see how the above photo violates Instagram’s Community Guidelines for its nearly bare-booty nature and middle finger inclusion. However, considering the zillions of way more questionable posts that slide by on Instagram every day, King called out the social platform for their harsh double-standards on post-removals with this follow-up photo.

For King, she’s sticking to her guns and claiming the post was removed for its less-than-Photoshop-perfect nature and, gasp, inclusion of cellulite (insert sarcasm here).

“Why are people so threatened by a woman unafraid of showing her body and speaking her mind?” she wrote in the lengthy post. “It’s either people feel threatened by my fierceness or people are so brainwashed by media that a perfect pair of tits or butt is fine to flash but a body that’s outside of the norm is offensive. Fuck that.”

"Y'all can report my photos as much as you want, I'm gonna keep sharing them because the world needs more women unashamed of their bodies and unafraid to share their voice."

Considering King’s badass response, we’ve got two words for you, Instagram-shamers: Mic. Drop.

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