Instagram Is Trying To Convince Nicki Minaj Not To Perm Her Natural Hair

Kelly Rowland, Normani, and Winnie Harlow are begging Minaj to stay away from the perm.

New mom Nicki Minaj took to Instagram to get some advice from Barbz nation. Should she or should she not perm her hair? Minaj posted a photo to her feed of her natural hair, which has grown down to her mid-back, and asked if a straightening perm should be in her future. And her Instagram friends and followers responded with a resounding, please, no!

If I perm my hair it’s gon b touchin my booty, Minaj captioned her November 22nd Instagram post. Should I perm it yall? Real hair to match my real big ol ghetto booty. Ugh love this for me.

And though we all love this for Onika, everyone wants her to table that perm idea. The comments were quickly filled with opinions and those who have been through the perm process before.

Normani summed it up best: NOOOOOOOOOO. With ChloexHalle following up with, sooo pretty.

“DON’T do it!!!!” Kelly Rowland commented, adding, “Keep it natural!! Look at that gorgeous head of hair!!!” Minaj responded, “chile it’s tempting. Tired of these damn wigs.” Toya Johnson offered an alternative: “No don’t perm it. Just press it out.” Lala said the same—”Press it out and put it in a double,” she said. But Minaj replied, “but if I press it out it’s not gon last long.”

“Trenches” singer Monica added her two cents. “Nope it’s perfect! Get a silk press & call it one!” Minaj asked, “What’s that? Just the regular hot comb like back in the day or dats sum new shit?” To which Monica explained, “HA no no it’s with the flat iron only and lasts longer to me! Or at least my hair! I get that with my short even!”

Model Winnie Harlow gave a different suggestion. Texturize it! She commented. Or use a curl [loosening] treatment, dnt perm it look at all that volume.

Though she’s tempted, Minaj seems to be leaning in the “don’t perm it” direction—she responded to Porsha Williams, who commented “Noooooo,” saying, “the last time I permed it I was mad after like a month. Smh. So much better when it’s thick.” But, if Minaj does decide to go the perm route, hairstylist Oscar James writes, “Just be sure to condition it!!!”

We’d love to see Minaj rock her natural hair however she feels most comfortable doing so. Perm, no perm, curled, straight, what have you. We’ll stay tuned in to her Instagram to see which natural hair avenue she chooses to stroll down, if she chooses to ditch the wigs at all, that is.

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