You can now figure out your Instagram color palette, thanks to this handy website

Most people have a favorite color or color scheme. We usually gravitate towards that color and, as a result, that color takes up residency in several areas of our lives — including our social media. Fortunately, to get us thinking more about this, a new website called ColorKuler figures out your Instagram color palette for you.

Whether you’re taking photos of your favorite colors subconsciously or filtering your photos to include your fave color on purpose, seeing your entire Instagram palette is pretty cool.

The site is super easy to use and just requires your Instagram username. Note: The site can’t give you a color palette if your account is private or empty.


Once you enter your username, just click the arrow and you’ll immediately be given your Instagram color palette. The site then gives you an overall palette name, like “Dark Slate Gray,” which is also Kylie Jenner’s color palette. Just saying!

The flesh tones must be from all those selfies…oops!


ColorKuler also has a few Editor’s Picks on display on its homepage. These are samples of color palettes from well-known Instagram pages and color/photo editing experts.

For example, Pantone’s Instagram color scheme is “Light Steel Blue.”


And Adobe’s feed follows a “Light Pink” color scheme.


This feature is a great tool to use if you’re trying to work on the overall look of your Instagram photos in your profile. You can better gauge which colors you want to use more or less of to create a more cohesive Instagram profile for your personal brand.


Or you can use the ColorKuler Instagram color palette feature to see what colors your celebrity crushes are into. “Light Gray” and “Dark Slate Gray” — so close, yet so far!

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