Let’s talk about these brand new changes to Instagram

There have been a lot of changes to the Instagram app since it first showed up in 2010. Since then, it’s gone through multiple facelifts, added all kinds of excellent new filters, spawned a new app called Layout that allows you to insert more than one photo in the same frame . . . the list goes on! But now the team behind the app has announced even more changes, and we got the skinny in a post that went up yesterday.

In an Instagram for Business blog entry, we got a breakdown of some of the additional switches that will be coming to the app — including call-to-action buttons like “Shop Now” and “Install Now.” By adding these, Instagram will essentially be changing the way that businesses interact with consumers through the app, enabling more of a direct connection. They provided a screenshot of what we can expect visually in terms of these changes.

Basically, if we like something we see in sponsored content we can buy it through Instagram.

In terms of their sponsored posts, Instagram also said that it would start tailoring these more specifically to users and their interests. So if you’re sick of seeing posts in your timeline that have nothing to do with what you’re into, that is all about to change. 

For advertisers, this is a welcome change. In an interview with AdWeek, Old Navy media director Michele Schuh said, “It’s an ideal platform to shop on as it’s so visual and fashion oriented. We’re thrilled that Instagram is now offering users the ability to click directly through to a product, creating instant gratification without any cumbersome steps.”

It’s a good reminder that Instagram is becoming a platform used not only by individuals, but companies too — though it definitely will make it a lot easier for us to give into our impulses if we wind up seeing a pair of shoes that we’re super into. Kind of a scary thought for our credit cards.

[Featured image c/o Instagram.]

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