What happens when an Instagram celebrity turns on their push notifications

For us common folk, turning on push notifications isn’t a huge deal. Getting notifications on our phones is an easy way to find out which friends we can depend on to like our latest tweets; or how often a crush double-taps our selfies on Instagram. It’s mainly just an ego boost — and, for better or worse, another thing that ensures we never miss a moment on social media.

But when you’re a celebrity, or anyone with a massive social media following, push notifications go from a mindless everyday convenience to an unspeakable nightmare. Earlier this week, Dutch soccer player Demy de Zeeuw posted a video to Facebook that shows what happens when you’re famous and you post something to social media  — and the results have us clutching our phones in horror.

In the video, Zeeuw shows an iPhone after an image has just been posted to Instagram account @433 — an account with over 8 million followers. It’s almost as if the phone has a glitch from the flood of messages that follow. The notifications are unceasing, and the phone is rendered unusable. Whoever’s filming it (they’re out of frame) can only watch on and sip their tea as the avalanche continues.

Check it out for yourself below — and if you ever become Internet famous, just remember to turn off your notifications before you decide to post something.

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