An Instagram bug has been deleting people’s accounts, and here’s what we know

Users on popular social media platform Instagram are reporting that their accounts are being deleted, and here’s what we know.

Instagram, which boasts 700 million monthly active users, has become a social media giant. But yesterday, some users who tried to use the photo-sharing app as normal found that their accounts had disappeared.

As The Verge have reported, some people struggled to log in to their accounts, with many taking to Twitter to express their upset over profiles being disabled for no apparent reason. Users started to bombard the social media company, owned by Facebook, with questions about account access. false


In response to people’s tweets, Instagram issued a response stating that they are aware of the problem and citing a bug as the cause.


In a statement delivered to The Verve, the company said that while some users can’t gain account access, no accounts were intentionally deleted.

“We’re aware of a bug that is causing some users to be logged out of their accounts. We’re working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible,” they said.

The “bug” comes after the social media giant announced that they were cracking down on fake influencers, spam accounts, and third-party apps that post comments.

Hopefully the affected Instagram users will get their accounts back with their photos intact. While not without its problems, many people use Instagram to keep hold of memories, and it would be devastating to abruptly lose them.

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