This Instagram blogger has a perfect response to people who shame vacation weight gain

Listen up, ladies: If you’ve ever felt pressure to lose weight before a vacation, this is for you.

Instagrammer Gina Susanna, who blogs about body-positivity and surviving an eating disorder, took to Instagram to call out societal pressure to drop pounds pre-vacay.

"[We're told that] to prepare for the moments in our lives we want to remember, we need to make sure we are thin enough to enjoy them," she writes.

How many of us have thought something along those lines while gearing up for a trip? How many of us have believed we needed to shrink our waistlines in order to dare appear in photographs of our awesome experience?

To these thoughts, Susanna had some choice words:

"I call BULLSHIT," she wrote.

Susanna made it clear we shouldn’t feel bad for the way our weight fluctuates ON vacation, either. Our bodies are dynamic, organic living things that adapt and change impressively well — we need to stop punishing ourselves when it happens.

"The circumference of your waist has no effect on the deliciousness of chocolates or the saltiness of french fries or the sweetness of ice cream. Your pant size cannot feel the breeze of the ocean on your skin or the warmth of the sunshine on your hair," She wrote. " YOUR BODY IS A VESSEL FOR EXPERIENCE. It's the home for your spirit that rejoices in all of the things you're there to do and see and smell and taste and be surrounded by."

Preach, girl!

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