This Instagram blogger reminds us that learning to love your body is a journey

Body positivity is a social media trend that we can all get behind. With so many negative, toxic messages floating around on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, it’s easy to see how images can impact a person’s health and self-esteem. And of course, it’s important that bloggers take a stand against the negativity that is too frequently spread online.

Instagram blogger bodyposipanda, or Megan Jayne Crabbe, inspired us when she posted a picture that simultaneously shattered the myths behind body shaming and admitted that maintaining confidence isn’t always easy. Megan usually posts about body positivity and feminism, but this post in particular really struck a chord. First, she remind us that many Instagram photoshoots are overly staged.

As soon as I got this@freyalingerie set I ran straight to my room, tried it on, and started posing in front of the mirror. Shoulders back, hip popped, arms up, legs crossed. All the ways we've been taught to pose to find the most flattering angles. And I had to catch myself -- here I was, all alone, still trying to be flattering to myself. Why was I doing that?

The post shows Megan, smiling at the camera and naturally posed in her new lingerie set. Her smile, her rolls, and her natural shape are all reflections of how other social media followers look when they pose in the mirror. And we need more of that.

Megan writes:

"So instead I decided to embrace the opposite: natural, relaxed, legs together, tummy folded, joyful and free. And I've decided that these poses are just as beautiful, and just as 'flattering' as any other, because flattering should simply mean whatever highlights our individual magic the most. Here I am, still unlearning the lies, still catching myself, and still feeling flawless in all of my softness. Here's to reclaiming flattering!"

This isn’t the first time that Megan has fought back against body shaming, but it’s still ringing true for so many of her followers. Imperfections and all, we think Megan is beautiful — and so are the countless other social media users who see themselves reflected in Megan’s posts!

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