10 Fourth of July makeup looks that are anything but cheesy

Whether you’re celebrating Fourth of July by going to a friend’s barbecue or watching fireworks with your boo, you’re going to have to make sure your patriotic makeup lewk is on point. Does the thought of wearing blue eyeshadow and (GASP!) red lips scare, yet intrigue you? Well, there’s no better day to get creative with your makeup than Independence Day!

Even though red, white, and blue makeup sounds garish at first, there are definitely ways to adhere to a Fourth of July beauty theme without going TOO overboard. Here are 10 Instagram beauty looks that prove patriotic makeup can be stunning AF.

1. A red, white, and blue smoky eye

2. Bright blue sparkly eyeliner

3. Multi-colored eyeliner

4. Subtle patriotic eyeshadow

5. Simple, classic red lips

6. Blue liner and dark red lips

7. Glittered up eyelids

8. Just a touch of sparkle on the lash line

9.Starry eyes

10.Blue lipstick

And if you wanna go ALL OUT, who are we to stop you?!