This LOL-worthy Instagram shows what Barbie would be like as a modern mom

If Barbie were a real person, she’d likely have Instagram. Even though she was technically born in 1959, she is eternally in her late 20s (or so we’re guessing). Well, someone created an Instagram page that turns Barbie into a Millennial mom, and every post is hysterical, because they’re pretty accurate representations of what a Millennial mom would share.

We’re talking about the basic Instagram shots that seem popular among 20- and 30-something-year-old women. There’s the selfie in front of the ocean, the makeup tutorial, and the perfectly staged shots of dogs and babies. Lots and lots of babies. And those are exactly the shots Barbie takes for her own Instagram page.

Because Barbie is just like the rest of us.

The hilarious woman who runs the tiff_thebarbie Instagram page has been collecting Barbies since she was a teenager. She dresses up and positions a family of Barbies (and Ken) in various Instagram-friendly situations, and we’re loving every single one of them.

Like this family photo at the fair:

And this adorable baby announcement:

Here’s the typical brunch shot with the BFF, complete with doughnuts and boba:

Netflix and chilling with a bed full of delicious snacks:

Celebrating their daughter’s first birthday with the obligatory birthday cake pic:

Nothing says good parenting like letting your baby drive and then posting photo evidence to Instagram:

Oh look, some flowers to celebrate Earth Day:

New bike, y’all. Barbie’s getting ready for summer:

Just some red carpet action, because if it isn’t Instagrammed, the red carpet didn’t happen:

LOL forever.

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