This Instagram is full of insane animation illusions and we can’t stop scrolling

There are tons of beautiful things to feast your eyes on at year end — the glittery ball dropping in Times Square, a kiss-worthy somebody at midnight, firework Instagrams, even a street covered in rainy confetti the next day. It’s a feast for the retinas!

Lucky for you, we’ve dug up this insane Instagram account of animation illusions that offers visual eye-candy all year round.

How to even explain it? Instagrammer Slap Comp describes the animations as “Experiments for the eyeballs and sometimes the ear holes,” which is pretty apt. We prefer “Super Trippy WTF Wowzer Eye Parties,” but you’ll have to witness these optical effect vids and see for yourself.

Check out some of our favorite visual masterpieces below.

They call this “making soap bubble film.” We call it “five hours spent staring at blue orbs”.

THIS. What even is this (besides mystical Harry Potter-style light magic)?

This one we call “Geometric Rain Diamond Spectacular”. We know, we are very good at creating titles.

And this: “The Death Star Hovers Over New Mexico”.

Straight up, if you told us this what at atom looked like under a microscope, we’d just nod and believe you.

This one we call “The Birth of Disco Island.”

“Virtual Snow Invites Itself In.” Hello, Virtual Snow. Can we take your coat?

This is “Square Bubble Sonata” or: “The Day the Ice Cubes Could Float.”

Alas, here is “Dancer is Naught but Gatorade.”

Finally, we dub thee: “What Floor, Ominous Floating Mystic Cube?”

Keep these bookmarked for those days where the gifs of cakes getting frosted just aren’t cutting it. Nothing resets your brain like a few minutes of tranquil yet mystifying visuals, no virtual art museum necessary.

Just imagine falling asleep watching these. Your dreams are about to be next level. Happy scrolling!

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