Instagram animals you should follow, like, yesterday

I don’t know about you, but I primarily use social media to find funny animal pics and vids. I’m sure that’s what it’s meant for, right? Where would we be without Grumpy Cat? That’s a topic I. Can’t. Even.

I have two “cats,” Mamie and Baby Kitty, who are both really terrible at being cats. They just don’t know what cats do. One doesn’t even purr, denying my right to feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I pet her. On top of that, any attempt I’ve made to showcase their terribleness and/or un-cat-ness (not to be confused with Katniss), has been foiled. Because of this, I turn to good, old Instagram for awesome animal relief.

We’ve already discussed 10 of the coolest furry finds circa 2013 (@iamlilbub has my heart), but SO MUCH has happened since then that you really need to stop, pull up your Insta-feed, and check out these totes adorbs newbies. Like, now!

Busa (@his_majesty_the_cat)

If you’ve ever wanted a Bengal tiger without the commitment, let this marble baby Bengal, Busa, be your daily replacement. With his infectious smile and rambunctious nature, you’ll realize you don’t need a real tiger (because they’re dangerous). You’ve got Busa.

Brimley (@brimleycat)

Obviously named after seasoned actor, Wilford Brimley, with his mustache-looking mouth, little Brimley once lived with a neglectful breeder until his new foster dad came to the rescue. And now? I think his mustache says it all.

Monster (@princessmonstertruck)

Found by artists, Tracy Timmons and Joseph Bryce, Monster was once a cat of the streets, in desperate need of food and love. The underbite is absolutely perfect in every way, making me wish I had a Monster of my own.

Marnie (@marniethedog)

If you don’t know Marnie, you’re missing out. This elderly lass is a NY rescue who, despite having a condition that mimics a stroke, is happier than ever and definitely more sociable than I’ll ever be, having her picture taken with nearly every celeb on the planet.

Cats with their tongues out (literally) (@catswiththeirtonguesout)

If you’re like me, boredom can make you do weird things, such as look for pictures of cats with their tongues out. I’ve taken all the hard work out of it so all that’s left is for you to sit back and enjoy. You’re welcome.

Pirate Pug Jack (@piratepugjack)

With over 21k followers, Jack is one of the top pirates of the Insta-world. He’s also a smart business pug with pictures for sale on his Etsy page.

Jack (@jackthecockatiel)

This cockatiel can skateboard (something I can’t even do) and actually loves props when having his picture taken. He’s a real show boat (do people still say that?).

Bubu (@cute_bubu)

Bubu has been photogenic from 4 months of age, doing things I can’t even get my kids to do. This is one awesome chinchilla (who thinks she’s human) with tons of sass and attitude.

Pudge (@pudgethecat)

Pudge isn’t just another cat with a cute face. She seems to be totally up for any pose she’s put in, which is also more than I can say for my kids. With her white mustache and curious eyes, there’s no denying why this feline is a star. She also has gear so get on that, like yesterday.

Boo (@buddyboowaggytails)

Boo’s an old pro, having been seen everywhere on the web for the last 5 years with books, toys, and the like to account for. He’s now mentoring his BFF, Buddy, to do the same, and together, they’re a power couple not to be messed with.

Jiff (@jiffpom)

Little Jiff does it all. An avid skateboarder (move over Tony Hawk), he also walks on two legs and rocks every photo sesh with, or without, his BFF, Katy Perry. Pretty soon, this little guy will be running for President. Vote Jiff!

Snoopy (@snoopybabe)

No, you’re not looking at a stuffed animal or an animated cat, though, this little doll comes all the way from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, in China, and has literally melted my heart completely away. I mean, LOOK. AT. THAT. FACE.

Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart)

Animals that have an obviously awesome physical trait they don’t apologize for, like this overbite, are what make rainbows and unicorns happen. Tuna the Chaweenie is all kinds of perfect. You can follow Tuna’s adventures via his book and fall in love with him on every page.

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