This Instagram account shows you exactly where to buy Selena Gomez’s outfits

If you’ve ever wondered exactly where Selena Gomez gets her clothes, wonder no longer — there’s now an Instagram account dedicated to telling you exactly where you can buy SelGo’s outfits.

Selena, of course, has become one seriously stylish lady. Whether she’s rocking affordable sweaters, slaying it in a bustier on the cover of Vogue, rocking some low-key overalls for summer, or getting super glam on the red carpet, SelGo is one heck of a style icon, and we love seeing her creativity in action (heck, we’ve even tried to recreate some of her makeup looks in the past).

So we are 100% obsessed with Selena’s Closet, a website and Instagram account that details all of the singer’s outfits into one place. For example, if you were into Selena’s checkered dress from her “Bad Liar” photoshoot, then Selena’s Closet will tell you where the dress is from and how much it costs.

If the boots from that shoot were more you thing, they’ll tell you about them, too.

Selena looks pretty effortless in some of these clothes, and we love this #throwback vest from Alexa Chung’s collection.

Thansfully, not everything is super duper expensive, either. SelGo can be seen wearing the likes of Topshop and H&M, which means you too can recreate her looks.

According to the Selena’s Closet website, the account and site is run entirely by Selena Gomez’s dedicated fans, which is pretty rad. What’s more, if you’re interested in a look from a while ago, you can go through the site’s archive and scope out SelGo’s older lewks. And while some of the outfits are pretty expensive, there’s enough here for some serious inspo if you fancy getting creative.

Meanwhile, yesterday, Selena shared a rather interesting teaser of her upcoming song, “Fetish.”

The track is expected to drop tomorrow, and it features the rapper Gucci Mane.

You can follow Selena’s Closet on Instagram here.

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