This Instagram account is dedicated to the unforgettable fashions of “Sex and the City”

There was Lizzie McGuire, the video for Christina Aguilera’s “Dirty”, and the curated matching outfits of Destiny’s Child, but no pop culture phenomenon encapsulated 2000s-era fashion quite like Sex and the City. While some have said that New York City was the show’s fifth character, one could argue the same for the clothing. Carrie’s pink tutu, nameplate necklace, and Manolo Blahnik shoe collection were as memorable as the cosmopolitans they drank.

Through six seasons and two feature films, costume designer Patricia Field put Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda in outfits that are forever etched in our memory.  Now, we get to relive Sex and the City’s adventures in style through a new Instagram called @everyoutfitonsatc. We talked to Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni to get the scoop on their genius account.

What inspired you to come up with the idea of documenting the outfits on Instagram?

Chelsea Fairless: It was a visual resource that I always wanted. If you Google image search “Sex & the City + Fashion” the results don’t quite capture the breadth of the looks on the show. I was also inspired by my friend Ian’s Instagram, @artofthelword, which focuses specifically on art references from The L Word.

Lauren Garroni: A lot of our friendship has been spent breaking down fashion in pop culture and nothing epitomizes those two things more than Sex and the City. We couldn’t find a place that not only catalogued each outfit, but gave a thoughtful, yet humorous fashion critique of the looks. Many of which have not aged well, to our delight.

Are there any particular outfits from the show that you died over and still want today?

CF: I would murder for the asymmetric vintage Zandra Rhodes dress that Carrie wears to that fake Marina Abramovic gallery show, when she first meets Aleksandr Petrovsky.

LG: Anything from Stella McCartney’s tenure at Chloe that was featured on the show — the sparkly Gold Devil muscle tee or the ‘Wild Horses’ dress that Carrie wears under bed of tulle petticoats.

What trends would you think the characters would be into if the show was made in 2016?

CF: Carrie would be super into Vetements and Delpozo. And she would have definitely embraced the evening sneaker, specifically those crystal-encrusted Dior ones from a few seasons ago. Miranda would be really into that Céline / Adidas minimalist look. Samantha would wear a lot of Saint Laurent. And Charlotte would look the same as always, she was relatively untouched by trends.

LG: Gucci’s Spring collection is very much the avenues Carrie stylistically has always played in. Maximalism with high-low, late ’70s pattern clash. Samantha’s look was all about youth, so I could see her trying to pretend she’s a Millennial Grunge Hipster and rock some Alexander Wang. I feel like Charlotte would find Victoria Beckham’s journey from Spice Girl to designer inspiring, so she’d be try some of her pastel bodycon dresses. As for Miranda, I think she’d be really into Gucci’s fur-lined mules. They would be fashionably-accepted Uggs for her.

Would you wear any of the wild styles from Carrie and the gang today? Check out more memorable looks from SATC here.

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