This might be the most inspiring ‘Harry Potter’ tattoo ever

We all know the story of “The Boy Who Lived”: Baby Harry Potter escaped Voldemort’s death spell with only a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead. This mark served as a sign of hope for other wizards, identifying Harry as a survivor.

When Sheri Bradshaw, a nurse in Virginia, survived a car accident that nearly severed her left leg, she noticed that the healing process left a pronounced, lightning bolt-shaped scar on the inside of her knee. In 2012, she’d been driving home when she saw a car smashed against a median on the highway. When she noticed a man trying to call for help, her RN instincts kicked in. She pulled over, called 911, and stabilized the man’s neck, suspecting that he’d gotten a concussion from hitting the windshield. As Sheri assessed the situation, she realized that this injured man and his car were not safe and out of the way of oncoming traffic. She hoped that an ambulance would arrive before any more damage was done.

Saving a stranger’s life turned into years of recovery for Sheri. She knew that she and the man were lucky: Her left leg was almost ripped in half, and his were crushed, but had they been lower to the ground, they both would have died.

Now, three years later, Sheri drives an Uber in Virginia while waiting for Social Security money — she hasn’t been able to practice nursing for the past year because of her injuries. While picking up a client recently, Sheri saw that Daniel Radcliffe was in a local restaurant shooting his new FBI thriller, Imperium. After finishing her shift, she drove back to the filming location and decided to wait and see if he would autograph her leg. When the Harry Potter star came out to greet fans, Sheri made her special request:

Daniel signed Sheri’s leg in perfect Potter handwriting, and she immediately called her favorite tattoo artist to have the autograph immortalized. Now, just like little Harry Potter who survived an evil wizard’s deadly curse, Sheri represents bravery and hope: She’s officially The Girl Who Lived.

(Images via here, Sheri Bradshaw, and Sheri Bradshaw.)

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