Inspiration Nation: Fresh Prints of the Fresh Prince

I have a folder saved to my desktop entitled “inspiration nation”. Corny as it may be, I created this file in an effort to combat my days and nights of fashion anxiety, which normally include me overheating, sifting through a pile of clothes and being thirty minutes late to my destination half-ready.

If my bouts of fashion anxiety sound ridiculous, it’s because they most certainly are. But what’s more ridiculous is idly standing by and allowing them to continue. Those of you who are susceptible to fashion meltdowns certainly understand my plight; regardless of whether or not you’ve ever endured this type of fashion anxiety, I think we could all use a little style inspiration from time to time. I’ve taken it upon myself to share a bit of my own “inspiration nation” with you here today, big Willie style.

With all this ’90s nostalgia floating around HelloGiggles, I thought, who better a fashion muse than the Fresh Prince himself? If you’ve seen the show, you know we’re talking about some of the best outfits in television history.

Disclaimer: Please do not feel perturbed by any garments on this post. I know that some are wildly expensive and unrealistic, but the goal is not to get you shopping; it’s to get your creative juices flowing.

Hey, Crazy Pants:

I have long associated loose, printed pants with summer. Rest assured, printed pants can be worn during the cooler seasons as well. Pair them with a simple sweater and/or jacket and see what works best for you. I’ve had a pair of flowy, floral pants for two years now. They’re my go-to lazy day and/or feeling-too-bloated-for-effort ensemble. Is it strange that I’m wearing them now?

The Printed Bomber

The bomber jacket is the jacket of all trades – wonderful for fall, winter, spring and summer [nights]. Something about combining an athletic silhouette with a graphic print really warms my heart. Wear one over a simple ensemble to add a little zest:

Gettin’ Ziggy Widdit: Black & Yellow Edition

I don’t know about you, but the child in me has always associated the combination of black and yellow with a bumble bee. After growing up a bit, I realized these vivid, contrasting colors are so flippin’ beautiful (and much more indicative than a bumble bee).  Is it any wonder Wiz Khalifa made a song about them?

Looney Tunes

These cartoonish pieces manage to stay busy, even when you’re not. Whether you want to go all-out or limit your toonish tendencies to a single item (like a bag), adding a playful element to your wardrobe never hurts. In fact, they function as great conversation pieces.

 Just Stripes

Just stripes? What could be less inspirational than stripes? It’s not so much about stripes as it is about the color combination of the stripes. Notice how that Sensi Studio necklace (left) embraces the colors in Will’s shirt? That’s what I’m talking about!

Patchwork Diamonds

Again, much like the stripes – it’s not necessarily about the pattern; it’s about the color combinations and the shapes you see. Those United Nude shoes (right) aren’t considered patchwork by any stretch of the imagination; but the colors, overlapping fabric and shapes serve as both a unique and inspirational interpretation. Let’s not forget – patchwork in its literal form is pretty great too:

Stay fresh, everyone.

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