Challenge: Find Inspiration in the Everyday

So I recently reopened my little online spiritual magazine and I promised to publish a Daily Inspiration. Every. Single. Day. In fairness I don’t intend to write them all myself. But for now, I’m pretty much flying solo. I was wondering last night whether I should feel intimidated by this task? Is it really possible to find inspiration in my daily life, every single day? Am I asking too much from the universe?

Well I guess if I was expecting to experience big flashes of insight, then yeah, that’s too much. But instead today we got big flashes of lightning and huge bangs of thunder, and the rain just kept falling. All my plans for the day went out the window and washed quickly down the drain in the downpour. So it was just me, the kiddo and our imaginations. A cynic may decide that there was not a lot to be inspired by in this. But due to the requirement of having to write a Daily Inspiration, I found myself actively contemplating every single small detail as worthy of inspirational comment! 

Choosing to look at my life in this way is like removing sunglasses that have been perched on my eyes too long and seeing true colors. Inspiration truly can come on rainy days. It can come in small and perfect ways, and it can be the rain itself. And I mean it really rained today, harder and faster than I’ve seen in years. That in itself was inspirational. That in itself is a metaphor for change, for washing out the old, freshening up, finding miracles, rainbows and sparkles reflecting in concrete. 

Alongside the weather I have been flooded in my own home by little wondrous dollops of nature. And if you know my writing, you know I’m a big nature girl. Firstly, there was yesterday evening when I walked into the summerhouse to be met by a wall of tiny baby spiders. I counted thirty just in front of me. They were abseiling down from their nest, newly hatched. I almost got a mouthful of them. Instead I marvelled at their ingenuity, their miniature little selves flooding out from the walls and ceilings and trying to find their place in the world. Today I was doing the washing up, when I saw what I thought was  a baby snail in the sink, nearly drowning. I rescued it and placed it outside. How it got in the sink I’ll never know? But it’s translucent little shell, and it’s near brush with death all seemed rather marvellous for a few moments. 

Then there are the other small things. For most of the day I thought we had lost a cat. Molly, my furry love, had vanished. She then resurfaced having been tucked behind a computer all day snoozing. The relief was inspirational. Sitting here now typing I can hear my husband playing upstairs with my daughter so that I can do this, so I can write to you. That is inspirational.

Inspiration need not come with crashes and bangs and big ideas. It can be perfectly whirled into a snail’s shell, or into a laughing little voice in the distance, or in eight teeny, tiny legs making a dash for freedom. What simple, small and mini inspirations have you had lately? Count them, make them yours, let them warm your soul a little and share them below in the comments so we can all ahhh and oohhh. 

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