Here’s what the inside of Taylor Swift’s apartment looks like (it’s as beautiful as you dreamed)

Where does Taylor Swift go when she’s done playing sold out concerts to thousands of screaming fans? Back home to her magical New York City apartment, of course. Our friend Taylor moved into some awesome NYC digs last year — cue, “Welcome to New York” — and while we’ve certainly seen lots of images of the amazing space through her Instagram and Twitter, we’ve never gotten a real peak inside.

Well, get ready to have some serious style envy, because now we’ve been invited inside to check it out (OK, we haven’t really been invited inside, but some nice photographers have been, and they’re sharing their snapshots with us).

The 7-bedrooms and 5.5-bathrooms in this NYC apartment are just as magical as you could have dreamed. Though we don’t get to see all the rooms in her lavish pad, we do get a pretty good taste as to where she bakes her cookies, and hangs out with all her friends — both human, and feline.

So just where does Swift bake up a storm? In her giant marble kitchen, complete with a center island to sit all the Haim sisters, plus one more. And two words: exposed brick.

The living room/dining area is just as magical, with an amazing beam structural ceiling (had to Google that), and lots of warm red and orange hues. Is that a circular couch? I think it is — for binge watching SVU, probably.

Another corner of the living room has another cozy couch, for swapping tour stories with Lorde, jokes with Lena, and runway gossip with Karlie. Also, those chairs. Also, those lights. Also, does she need anyone to go over and water the plants when she’s gone, because we can all take turns doing that job.

Then there’s the magnificent staircase, that is no doubt decked with so much holly come the holiday season.

Though we don’t have pictures of the bedrooms, or more importantly the bathrooms, or the location of the pool table, OR where she rigs up her photo booths, these few images are enough for us right now. Also, super jealous, because an apartment like this (in NYC, to boot) is only something we’ve thought up in our wildest dreams.

So really, Taylor, if you ever need a house sitter, just let us know.

(Images via InStyle/StreetEasy)

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