Someone just did a cut of ‘Inside Out’ with all the ‘Inside’ scenes removed

When it comes to the Reddit, all you need to do is ask, and you shall receive. User rickroy37 made a request for someone to create Pixar’s Inside Out with only the “Outside” parts and none of the “Inside” storyline. And the Internet delivered!

When you cut out the “Inside” parts, the movie gets a lot shorter — it’s only about 15 minutes long. The abbreviated version shows Riley growing up, moving to San Francisco and missing home. There are joyful moments — she plays hockey and jumps through puddles — but overall, Riley has a bit of a teenager ‘tude. Luckily, things are still all good in the end.

By itself, the “Outside” story works pretty well as its own short film. The story is solid, save for a few jumpy parts where we know the emotions were cut out, and it’s relatable. Everyone remembers what it was like being a teenager and not knowing how to deal with all the different feelings clouding your brain.

But, let’s be real. What’s Inside Out without the “Inside” storyline? Our favorite parts of the movie were when Riley’s emotions — Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust — are bantering back and forth. They taught us a lot about our brains, and our core and long-term memories! And that sadness and all of our emotions are a part of life, and how important it is for them to work together.

Presenting Inside Out: Outside Edition. We bet the Inside Edition is coming any day now.

Inside Out: Outside Edition from Jordan Hanzon on Vimeo.

(Image via Vimeo.)