Your wish has come true: Pixar has given us more ‘Inside Out’ already

Inside Out was the movie that the phrase “all the feels” was invented to describe. It’s been a mega-success for Pixar, and that’s great because it’s a thoughtful, in-depth look at human emotion, the likes of which we haven’t really seen on the screen before — especially in a film geared toward children. With all the amazing, terrible, complex, and downright confusing things that go on during childhood and the teen years, a movie that helps young viewers really understand and know how to process  their own emotions is vitally important. Inside Out filled that void when we didn’t even know there was a void to be filled.

But ever since seeing Inside Out, many of us have been dying to check in on Riley and spend some more time with the little voices inside her head (voiced by the likes of Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling). Pixar has not kept us waiting long. Usually, we would expect to have to wait for another Pixar movie to be released for a new short, but the studio gifted the world with an amazing, if brief, checkup on Riley and the gang, titled “Riley’s First Date.”

Yes, it looks like, in spite of her rough start, Riley has really started to adjust to life in San Francisco. She’s even hanging out with her friend (and maybe more-than-friend) who she ran into at the hockey rink at the end of the movie. The big question on everyone’s minds though: Is this Riley’s first date?

The short shows how Riley’s parents process the situation, emotionally, experiencing a range of feels from anger (“I don’t like this!”) to fear (“This can’t be a date; she’s only 12!”) to that weird things moms do when they want to get information out of you without just coming out and saying it. Whatever that thing is, we’ve now learned that it comes from sadness and it makes them say weird, “trendy” words that no adult should ever, ever say.

As for Riley‘s emotions? Well, they’re as annoyed, confused and disgusted by the parental inquisition as anyone would be. Check it out.

You have to feel for Riley in this situation. First dates (or first maybe dates or just first one-on-one hangouts with another human that you kind of, sort of, might potentially like as more than a friend) are hard enough as it is without piling everyone else’s emotions on top of your own.

Could this be a scene from an Inside Out sequel? Could that sequel be all about love and how we process that emotion (because, let’s face it, that’s a complicated enough feeling to warrant a whole two hours trying to work through on its own)? Either way, here’s hoping this isn’t the last we’ll see of Riley and the little voices inside her head.

(Images via Pixar/ABC.)

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