‘Inside Out’ is already our new favorite movie — a preemptive re-ranking of everything Pixar

Confession: We’ve been dying to see Inside Out since, well, basically since we heard it existed. Pixar + an ah-mazing voice cast + a plot that is literally all the feels? How could it not be the best thing ever? Still, even though the trailers we’ve seen for it so far have been hilarious and awesome, they haven’t told us much in the way of what the movie is actually about (aside from the fact that it stars the main emotions inside a little girl named Riley’s head, of course). Today though, that all changed as Disney and Pixar released the first full-length, plot-referencing trailer for Inside Out. Oh, and it only makes us more excited than ever to see the movie.

Check out the trailer for yourself. Right now. Before you do anything else today.

In honor of the greatness we see in that trailer (it’s like the playful adventure of Monster’s Inc. combined with the epic, emotional heart of Up, AKA perfection), we’re ranking the Pixar canon, with a preemptive guess as to where Inside Out will fall in line. Here they are, countdown style:

15. Cars 2

Is there anyone who doesn’t agree this one brings up the Pixar caboose? Because, if they exist, we haven’t met them.

14. Cars

Sorry. Not really a Cars fan.

13. A Bug’s Life

I have a little bit of a soft spot for this movie, because it’s always near the bottom of Pixar rankings. It’s not that A Bug’s Life is a bad movie, it’s just that Pixar is that good on the whole.

12. Ratatouille 

Ratatouille is a cute movie. It’s well done. It’s perfectly fine, but this is a Pixar list and the bar is high.

11. Monsters University

Sequels are rarely as good as the original, even in the Pixar universe. Plus, it was hard to spend a whole movie rooting for Mike to achieve his dream of being a Scarer, when we all know that he still ends up as the administrative half of Team Mike and Sulley (until the Monster world discovers the energy potential of laughter, at least).

10. Brave

It was super disappointing that it took Pixar as long as it did (13 movies into their epic run) to release a movie with a woman as the central character, but at least they did it right. Merida was the princess that strong, tomboys everywhere had been waiting for.

9. Toy Story 2

The fact that the lowest ranking Toy Story movie still cracks the Pixar top 10 says something about the enduring magic of the companies original franchise.

8. The Incredibles 

I love action movies and I love hilarious-but-still-family-friendly animated movies. The Incredibles is both of those things. Thank you, Brad Bird.

7. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo proved that Pixar could make movies with so much heart they’d make you ache with emotion and so much humor they’d make you ache with laughter. This movie is actually so good it hurts.

6. Toy Story 3 

Based on blissful nostalgia alone, this movie wins. Watch it and try not to get teary-eyed. I dare you.


WALL-E made us care for a robot who never really spoke and gave us a harrowing glimpse at what our own futures might look like. It’s wonderful and has a great message, which earns it a spot in the Pixar Top 5. 

4. Toy Story

The one that started it all. Toy Story is the kind of movie that you can forget how much you love until you’re watching it again. Rewatch it tonight. You’ll see.

3. Monsters, Inc. 

For pure rewatchability, Monsters, Inc. comes out on top. The story is hilariously engaging, you get something new out of it every time you watch and the animation (Sulley’s hair!) took things to a whole new level.

2. Inside Out

If it lives up to the promise of its latest trailer, Inside Out looks posed to take a spot near the top of the all-time great Pixar movies list. It looks like it has everything the best Pixar movies have in spades. Plus, how adorable is Joy?

1. Up

As excited as I am for Inside Out, I can’t just give it the top spot without seeing it. Up set the bar for just how great a Pixar movie can be. If Inside Out rises above this one, it will be time to truly bow down to the Pixar gods.

(Images via Disney/Pixar.)