‘Inside Out’ got the Honest Trailer treatment

Oh, Honest Trailers. They speak the honest truth. That’s why they’re so hilarious, because they’re saying the things we’re all thinking, but are sometimes too afraid to admit to other moviegoers. Except that in the case of Inside Out, we’re willing to admit that we cried. And if you didn’t, Inside Out’s Honest Trailer is here to call you out on that.

As the Honest Trailer explains, Pixar knows how to make us cry via ALL OUR EMOTIONS. However, for Inside Out, they cut out middle man and instead go right for the emotions themselves by making them the walking and talking characters we’re rooting for. And how emotions can have emotions on top of the emotion they literally embodied, we might never know!

There’s Joy who’s happy and Sadness who’s, er, sad. When they get literally sucked away by accident, it’s up to 11-year old Riley’s remaining three emotions — Anger, Disgust, and Fear — to control this little girl’s mind. Or, as the Honest Trailer points out, Riley’s now being controlled by “your average YouTube comment section.” Then there’s Bing Bong… DON’T CRY! Ugh, too late. Sorry, everyone.

Check out the Honest Trailer below, and try to hold it together as much as you can. This is supposed to make us laugh, not cry! And here’s hoping the emotion of “that feeling you get when you peel dried glue off your fingers” makes it into the sequel.

(Image via Disney/Pixar.)

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