The trailer for Insecure Season 3 is here — and it features a bunch of thriving “Jennifer Hudsons”

“Look at us. Single. 30. Thriving. Lookin’ like all three Jennifer Hudsons!” the always hilarious Kelli declares on the trailer for Season 3 of HBO’s Insecure. It appears that our favorite ladies — Issa, Molly, Tiffany, and Kelli — are living their best lives, despite a few hiccups.

Issa is on some sort of a transitory phase — maintaining a full-time job and beefing up her savings account so she can move out of her ex-beau Daniel’s house. The thing is, she doesn’t have enough saved yet to part ways from the man she cheated on her longtime boyfriend with (oops), and her hots for Daniel are increasingly getting more intense. Meanwhile, Tiffany is on the verge of motherhood, Molly is determined to put Dro in his place, and Kelli remains her fabulous self. But wait, there’s a six-foot-sized hole in the trailer…where the hell is Lawrence?

Last season, Issa and Lawrence finally raised the white flag and forgave each other after their messy breakup. Lawrence packed up the last of his things and officially moved out of the apartment they once shared together. Tears were shed, hugs were exchanged, but it didn’t look like they had plans of rekindling their flame anytime soon, which may explain his absence on the trailer. Le sigh.

Jay Ellis — the actor behind Lawrence — previously revealed that he’s been “out of the loop” regarding Season 3, and hasn’t been called to film a single scene. He also noted that he doesn’t know if Issa and Lawrence would maintain a relationship after their emotional closure.

Well, Lawrence or no Lawrence, we can still expect the show to be just as hilarious, exciting, and eye-opening. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Issa Rae dished that they would showcase “adulting in a new way” and delve into topics like toxic masculinity.

"This season is about adulting in a new way. I think we’ve watched our characters really fumble and fuck up — and in some ways in your 20s you are allowed that — but this season is about not acting like you’re naive anymore or that you don’t know better," she said. "So it is about, what does it look like to know better and to do better?"

Season 3 of Insecure premieres on HBO on August 12th.

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