Here are some of the most insane pics of lines for the iPhone X

Whether you’re obsessed with the latest gadgets or not, you’ll probably be interested in the insanely long lines for the new iPhone X. The $1000 phone went on sale in stores today alongside the iPhone 8, and customers stood outside of Apple stores all around the world in lines that literally went for blocks.

Although the internet has spent a lot of time making fun of the new phone, there’s actually good reason for people to be excited. Not only does the iPhone X feature the most advanced 7-megapixel camera yet, complete with camera tricks like Animoji — where emojis mimic your face —  but it also features a facial recognition scanner in place of a traditional lock.

A pre-order rush happened bright and early last week (3 a.m. on Friday morning, to be exact), and unsurprisingly, there was already insane demand. So today’s in-store chaos wasn’t exactly surprising.

Here’s photographic evidence of people braving the enormous lines.

These people are determined!

And now for a time-lapse.

Some people who aren’t that into it, though.


If you did play the waiting game and purchase the iPhone X (or plan to do so once the chaos dies down), we hope you’re enjoying everything it has to offer. In the meantime, we’ll just continue to collect change from under the couch in the hopes we can afford one of our very own some day.