The beautiful message behind the #InMySkinIWin hashtag

Model Shaun Ross is using his popularity for an amazing cause. His look is so awesome and unique because he has albinism, which is when skin has little or no melanin production, making it extremely pale. Because it’s different, it’s something that Ross was self-conscious about for a long time. Now, he’s learned to rock it, and he wants to pass that confidence on to you.

He started a movement with the hashtag #InMySkinIWin. He tells us what it’s all about over on his website:

He’s encouraging people to embrace their uniqueness by posting photos with the hashtag, and the pictures are truly inspiring. Take a look:

And over on Twitter:

People are also using the hashtag to drop some truth bombs:

This movement does a perfect job of highlighting how much better life is when we celebrate diversity. These things that people had considered “flaws” about themselves for their entire lives are now being revealed as truly awesome quirks and deserve to be celebrated.

What about your skin are you celebrating? Tweet it out using the hashtag, and keep it as a reminder for the times you look in the mirror and wish you could change.

(Image via Instagram.)

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