Ink swirling through water in slow motion feels like a beautiful ode to the cosmos

Leave it to the internet to give us an array of options for visual stimulation. In between yell-laughing at memes and cooing over cute animal videos, we stumbled upon this macro view of ink swirling through water in slow motion, and we’re completely fascinated.

Pro-tip: If you want to make something you filmed look infinitely cooler, slow it down. For example, we probably wouldn’t care as much about a video of popcorn popping in slow motion if it was shown at normal speed. It’s just not as interesting, ya know? But seeing ink injected water in super slow motion is inexplicably captivating and makes us feel things that we can’t explain.

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In Macro Room’s “Ink in Motion,” several spheres are suspended in tanks filled with water. Then huge doses of colorful ink are dropped in the water, creating what looks like a miniature universe ripe with beautiful cosmic interactions.

At one point, a craggy rock is inserted in the water with ink, giving off the appearance of a comet traveling through space.

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The video description reads:

"This time we dived into the hypnotising beauty of colored ink in water and the interaction of this substance with different elements."

Gorgeous. Now, we know what to do when we’re desperately craving the sensation of traveling through space (until those outer-space one-way ticket prices go on sale in approximately the next century, that is). Grab a tank, fill it with water and ink, and let your imagination lead the way.