Ramsay from “Game of Thrones” will play a huge Marvel villain — watch the trailer for “Inhumans”

Game of Thrones fans loved to hate Ramsay Bolton. He was, by far, one of the most evil characters on the show. And now it looks like that actor, Iwan Rheon, will continue his villainous streak as Maximus in Marvel’s Inhumans.

The first trailer just dropped and, in a word, it looks intense. The story centers two brothers — King of the Inhumans, Black Bolt, and the younger Maximus. In the younger one’s quest for power, he leads a rebellion to overthrow his brother.


In doing so, the older brother escapes to Earth. He and members of his loyal family attempt to hide amongst (regular) humans in Hawaii. They have to figure out a way to reunite with each other in order to save themselves and their home planet from total revolution. Plus, they all have pretty awesome individual superpowers, so that’s a fun element we’ll get to see in action, too.

The series is groundbreaking on so many levels. Inhumans morphed into different development forms before finally settling into the TV series. But, it won’t be your average TV show.

The scale of the series is incredibly large. And not just because of the legendary nature of the story itself. The show used IMAX cameras to film. And episodes will be available to watch in IMAX theaters on September 1st before the official September 29th television premiere on ABC.

It looks insanely good. And, as much as we dislike him, it will be a lot of fun to root against the evil Ramsay – er  – Maximus.

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