Ingrown hair removal videos are going viral, and they’re as grossly satisfying as pimple popping videos

For those of you that love pimple popping videos, we may have found your next new weird obsession — ingrown hair removal videos.

Much like pimple popping clips, the videos are alluringly gross and oddly satisfying. Now there’s even a full Instagram account, @tweezist, dedicated to ingrown hair removal. It currently has more than 55,000 followers. The account is gaining in popularity much like @drpimplepopper, the page created by Dr. Sandra Lee.

Now with more than 2.5 million followers, Lee shares everything from a basic pimple pop to extreme cyst removals. The obsession with pimple popping is so extreme that a bakery in Malaysia even started making cakes with edible, popable pimples. (Disgusting, but also sort of amazing.) The pimple popping videos have become an internet sensation, and it looks like ingrown hairs videos are coming quick on its heels.

Check out a couple recent posts from the Tweezist below, but warning, these are not for the queasy.

Much like pimples, ingrown hairs are a pesky part of skin of maintenance that can be tricky to deal with. They most commonly appear in areas like the bikini line, underarms, and legs, where you’re frequently shaving and cutting hair follicles. Ingrown hairs grow back into the skin where it becomes trapped, causing inflammation and discomfort.

Lucky for us, Teen Vogue created this handy ingrown hair removal guide that varies based on the part of your body. Like pimple treatment, ingrown hairs require care to avoid infection or scarring.

Or you can get some tips from watching endless amounts of Tweezist videos, we won’t judge.

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