Aubrey Plaza will make you terrified of social media in the new trailer for “Ingrid Goes West”

A brand new trailer for Ingrid Goes West has arrived, and it starts out relatable enough. Ingrid (Aubrey Plaza) is sitting on her couch, cranky and in sweats, scrolling through Instagram and looking at pictures of a beautiful couple. Thennnnn, it cuts to her storming into a wedding with pepper spray in hand, and attacking one of said beautiful people — who just so happens to be a bride.

From there, it’s clear: Ingrid is about to take us on a WHOLE different kind of ride.

Basically, it turns out that Ingrid is obsessed with social media, and ends up stalking Instagram-famous Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen), who seems like all kinds of dreamy, bohemian perfection. After much orchestration on Ingrid’s part, the two become friends — and Ingrid basically tries to become Taylor.

Needless to say, things really escalate quickly.

From the look of it, Ingrid Goes West seems like a really excellent commentary on our social media-obsessed culture — and, according to the film’s writer-director Matt Spicer, Ingrid represents the darkest versions of ourselves.

“She’s the manifestation of our worst impulses on social media, he explained to IndieWire. "We all have a little voyeurism in us, and the film sort of asks the question, ‘What if you take it too far?'

Added co-writer David Branson Smith, “We really wanted to avoid making a didactic kind of movie that tells people to put away their phones. The notion is just that you can’t form opinions or ideas about people based on a social media platform or something you read online.”

Yup, we can definitely get behind that.