Whoa: this one ingredient will make your cocktail *change color*

We love (love) cocktails, and we love mood rings, so when we found out there is a secret ingredient that turns an ordinary cocktail into a mystical color-changing mood ring beverage, we pretty much flipped out.

The ingredient is butterfly pea flower, a bright blue flower from the Asian tropics. Ground up or distilled into extract, it adds a bold blue hue to foods and drinks, and looks especially neat in the form of blue ice cubes, which is how Megan Deschaine, the brilliant bartender at 492 in Charleston, South Carolina, serves it.

A simple cocktail served with blue floral ice cubes would be good enough for us, but Megan found a way to use those blue cubes that’s infinitely cooler. When butterfly pea flower is mixed with lemon juice, it changes color from blue to purple. So when Megan mixes up her signature drink, the Disco Sour, and those blue ice cubes start melting and mingling with the lemon juice, well, it’s a magical sight to see. Not to mention a delicious concoction to drink.

Who’s ready for a weekend in Charleston? Because we’re totally going just to try this drink.